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Standard Propagators

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Standard Propagators

A Propagator is essentially an incubator for your seeds and cuttings as they develop.

Ensuring the best possible conditions for your plants in their most delicate state allows for their potential to be reached. Strong early development in plants is based upon the correct balance of a number of factors, a warm, moist and stable climate can easily be achieved with the addition of a propagator.

Our propagators are durable, offer plenty of height for your plants to develop and feature adjustable vents for humidity and temperature control.

Don't forget, the addition of a heat mat us recommended where temperatures are low.

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    The Heated Vitopod is a beautifully constructed, expandable propagator / mini greenhouse. Made from premium materials, the Heated Vitopod comes in 2 standard sizes and is also height expandable. Ideal for propagating seeds, cuttings, vegging plants, or hardening off plants until the weather warms up.

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    Fixed temperature heated propagators featuring a sealed heating unit - insulation beneath the carbon heating mat maintains selected compost temperature at 15-20°C under normal conditions (the temperature can be affected by ambient temperature). These utilise a long life 22 watt heater, which uses less power than an ordinary light bulb. Fitted plug included.


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