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T.A. (Terra Aquatica) - Aqua Farm - Recirculating Drip System

T.A. (Terra Aquatica) - Aqua Farm - Recirculating Drip System

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T.A. Aqua Farm - Recirculating Drip System

A larger version of the T.A. Water Farm, the Aqua Farm is an extremely popular and simple to use recirculating drip system.

The T.A. Aqua and Water Farm systems have been delighting growers for 30+ years. Simple and popular, this all in one hydroponic system is used by beginners and experienced growers alike.

Simply fill the bottom reservoir with water and nutrients, plant your choice of plant in the top growing container using clay pebbles or your chosen media, connect the pump and you're ready to go.

The Water and Aqua Farms use an Air pump to drive the water around the system, this results in a much higher ratio of oxygen for your plants roots.

Dimensions: 45.5 x 45.5 x 43cm.

Total Volume: 35 litres

Lower Reservoir Volume: 17.5 litres

Upper Growing Container Volume: 17.5 litres

Each Aqua Farm Recirculating Drip System contains:

1 x Lower Reservoir

1 x Upper Growing Container

1 x Air Pump

1 x Drip Ring

1 x Delivery Tube

1 x Air Line

1 x Level Indicator Kit

Setting up the T.A. Aqua Farm:

Start by putting together the Level indicator kit, gently push the grommet into the hole on the front of the Lower Reservoir. Push the 90 degree elbow into one end of the blue indicator tube and then push into the grommet installed in the Lower Reservoir. This help in place with a plastic clip.

Attach the air line to the air pump and finally to the supply tube, this is then located in the top Growing Container and slips down into the Lower Reservoir. The Drip Ring can then be fitted to the top of the supply tube.

Clay pebbles (Not Included) are generally used to fill the upper Growing Container and your chosen plant is then planted.

We recommend running your pump 24 hours a day to ensure optimum growth and changing nutrients every 7 days

These may be supplied in blue or grey depending on availability.

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