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SuperThrive - Plant Vitamins, Hormones & Minerals

SuperThrive - Plant Vitamins, Hormones & Minerals

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World Famous, Award Winning - SuperThrive plant growth enhancer. Complex Formulation of Hormones, Vitamins and Minerals

Released in 1939, SuperThrive soon caught people's attention and won the coveted gold medal at the World Fair.

SuperThrive is a non-toxic vitamin and mineral solution developed to increase general wellbeing and yield.

Each bottle contains over 50 vitamins, minerals and growth hormones. When used correctly this will invigorate, boost, de-stress and revitalise your plants.

Perfect for anything that needs a boost and easy to apply. Simply add up to 4ml per litre and water as normal or use as a foliar feed.

Ideal for use with house plants, vegetables, trees or flowers.


If your plants generally slow after transplanting or potting up, try adding a little of this to each watering.

Available in various sizes, 120ml, 480ml and 960ml.

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