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Superplant - HPS 400W Super Red

Superplant - HPS 400W Super Red

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Superplant - HPS 400W Super Red

The HPS Super Red 400W SUPERPLANT© is a High Pressure Sodium bulb. Thus, it allows to obtain more compact flowers and about 5% more harvest.

The Super Red offers a redder spectrum, dedicated strictly to flowering with its 2000°K (degree Kelvin). 

To be used only with a 400W ballast.

Power: 400W
Temperature: 2000°K
PPF: 658  μmol/s
Lifespan: 32,000 hours 
Socket: E40

Bulb to be used with a suitable power supply and luminaire. Before replacing the old bulb, switch off the mains supply and allow it to cool. The disposal of used bulbs must be done in accordance with the regulations in force. When fitting the bulb, check that the contact with the two poles of the socket is correct.

For safety reasons, replace it immediately if the glass is scratched or cracked. The bulb must imperatively be placed in a closed luminaire (even in the event of a test) in order to limit the consequences in the event of breakage. It must be protected from all contact during operation. In order to avoid the degradation of the ballast, the bulbs at the end of their life must be replaced quickly.

Indeed, a reduction in the flow appears, which generates a loss of approximately 20 to 25% of your harvests. Mains voltage should not vary by more than 3%. In case of continuous operation, it is imperative to turn off the lamp 15min 1x per week minimum. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for disputes resulting from incorrect use of the lamp or with an unsuitable device.

Use gloves when replacing it.

Exclusively intended for horticultural lighting. Not suitable for illuminating household rooms.

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