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SunBlaster - T5 Combo Kit - Propagation Lighting

SunBlaster - T5 Combo Kit - Propagation Lighting

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SunBlaster Single T5 Propagation Light and Reflector Kits - 30cm, 46cm, 60cm, 90cm or 120cm - Blue CFL - Seeds/Young Plants

SunBlaster T5 Single Light Strip, available in either 30cm, 46cm, 60cm, 90cm or 120cm lengths.

Each kit includes a Blue spectrum T5 Lamp, NanoTech T5 Reflector, Hanging Clips and Power Cable

Single slim T5 lighting Units - Blue Spectrum 6400k Ideal for the propagation of plants or growing Orchids for example.

These indoor lighting systems feature a high output, 6400k Blue spectrum T5 lamp, electronic ballast, hanging clips and fitted with our Snap-On Reflector.

The Snap on NanoTech reflector is a superb addition allowing for almost all of the light produced to be directed towards your plants

These lighting units are highly flexible in their use, simply choose how many you want and then add the appropriate number of link cords or power leads.

Each unit features a silent, rapid starting T5 lamp. Join a number of them can easily be fixed to a board to create a multi lamp T5 unit.

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