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SoilQuality - Connected Soil Moisture & Nutrient Sensor

SoilQuality - Connected Soil Moisture & Nutrient Sensor

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SoilQuality Connected soil moisture & nutrient sensor. Capture your plant's activity from pot to App. Censoring the perfect nutrient balance blend for plant's soil quality.  Optimum harvest with controlled light exposure.

- Soil Moisture
- EC
- Wireless Sync
- Data Logging
- Dashboard +


- Connectivity: Wireless
- Detection Range: 10 Meters (Free Field)
- Moisture Sensor Range: 0% To 70% Absolute Volume Ratio (AVR), Resolution 0.1%
- Soil EC Sensor Range: 0-10mS/cm. Resolution 0.001mS/cm
- Measurement Interval: 5mins to 40mins
- Data Storage: Up to 100 days.

Height: 212mm
Diameter: 20mm
Weight: 28g
1pc AAA Battery: 1.5 year*
* 20 minutes measurements.

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