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SMSCOM - Temperture Protector MK2 - 2400W

SMSCOM - Temperture Protector MK2 - 2400W

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SMSCOM - Temp Protector MK2 - 2400W 

The SMSCOM Temp Protector provides a fail safe system that protects the room against excessive temperatures. Should the room overheat, the Temp Protector will automatically switch off a number of lights to allow the temperature to drop back to safe levels.

If an equipment malfunction causes your grow room to overheats, the Temp Protector takes action by automatically switching off some lights allowing temperatures to drop back down to safe levels. When using more than one lighting fixture, it is recommended to connect every alternative fixture to the SMSCOM Temp Protector.

To use, simply plug your lighting controller into the SMSCOM Temp Protector, set the maximum temperature level for the grow room - We recommend 27 degrees. If the temperature ever exceeds the set point, the SMSCOM Temperature Protector shut down the lights connected to it until temperatures drop to a safe level.

This SMSCOM Temp Protector is suitable for use with a UK 3 pin plug

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