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SMSCOM - Twin Controller - 4.5A or 7A Automated Fan Speed/Climate

SMSCOM - Twin Controller - 4.5A or 7A Automated Fan Speed/Climate

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SMSCOM - Twin Controller - 4.5A or 7A - Automated Fan Speed Climate Controller

Upgraded and re-released in 2017 the SMSCOM Twin Controller is packed with even more features and still super reliable.

The SMSCOM Twin controller range is a simple, easy to use fan controller that accurately controls Intake and Outtake Fans, ensuring a constant grow room temperature and negative pressure.

The Twin Controller from SMSCOM makes it easy for anyone to control their indoor growing temperatures. Easy to set, simply dial in the temperature, minimum and maximum fan speeds, the Twin Controller does the rest.

Fans will operate between the minimum and maximum settings to maintain temperature in your grow space without causing unnecessary ware on your fans. The SMSCOM 'Motion Flow' software guarantees the smoothest fan operation. Slowly building to the correct fan speed, no sudden jumps in fan speed for high level accuracy and a quieter running system.

The Twin Controller comes with a 3m temperature probe for highly accurate temperature maintenance of +/- 1 degree

Once dialed in the controller will ensure perfectly synched fans and guarantee negative pressure.

A maximum load of 4.5A or 1100w (combined for both channels) ensure this is suitable for almost all fans of all sizes. The 7A Twin Controller is suitable for anything bigger.

SMSCOM make quality controllers that are affordable, accurate and dependable. Each comes with a 5 Year manufacturer's warranty for piece of mind.

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