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Shogun - Sumo Active Boost

Shogun - Sumo Active Boost

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SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is a bio-stimulant that is designed to trigger a response in plants which will increase the number of flowering sites, as well as the flower weight. It is essentially the same as Sumo Boost however it will remain stable in your reservoir for up to 14 days unlike Sumo Boost.

Based on the natural compound triacontanol, this helps initiate flowering response which in turn will improve your final harvest yields, in addition to improving aroma and taste.

Stimulates maximised growth rates

Can be used as a root or foliar feed

Enhances uptake of phosphorous and potassium

Stimulates growth in stressed plants

Increases secondary metabolite production

How to Use:

For a foliar feed, apply at a rate of 2ml/L and spray at the start of the flowering stage. You should then apply this 28 days later.

As a root feed, add at a rate of 1-2ml/L into your reservoir and mix well. Use this as soon as you start the flowering cycle up until harvest.

Please note, this will react with hydrogen peroxide so avoid any solutions containing this.

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