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Shogun - Geisha Foliar

Shogun - Geisha Foliar

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SHOGUN Geisha Foliar is a unique foliar additive that is designed to stimulate flowering receptors as well as increasing crop quality and final harvest yield weight.

General Information:

If you use this throughout the vegetative stage of growth, you will observe more flowering sites once the light cycle changes. Users have also observed an increase in plant metabolism and nutrient uptake.

If used during the flowering stage of growth, fruits and flowers are observed to be larger, and more well formed which in turn will increase the final harvest weight.


Improves plant metabolism

Increases rate of nutrient uptake

Maximises harvest weights and improves flower quality

Can be used throughout vegetative and flowering stages of the growth cycle

Ready to use spray

How to Use:

Apply once every 2 weeks, no mixing or pH adjustment is necessary.

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