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Shogun - CalMag

Shogun - CalMag

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SHOGUN CalMag is often overlooked by growers due to its presence in tap water. However, as water quality differs between areas, it is impossible to measure this accurately. With this in mind, it is important to utilise a premium Calcium Magnesium additive throughout the grow cycle to alleviate your plants of potential deficiencies.

General Information:

CalMag is suitable for use throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages of the growth cycle. It will aid the translocation of nutrients.


Highly available source of calcium and magnesium

Contains added chelated iron

Particularly beneficial to growers using coco coir as a grow medium

Helps prevent common deficiencies observed under LED lighting

Facilitates production of chlorophyll and the translocation of nutrients throughout your plant

How to Use:

As a root feed, use 1-2ml/L to your reservoir. If using as a foliar feed, apply at a rate of 15-20ml/L and spray directly onto the leaves once per week.

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