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Secret Jardin - Dark Room - DR150 - 150 x 150 x 217cm

Secret Jardin - Dark Room - DR150 - 150 x 150 x 217cm

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Dark Room 150 - 150cm x 150cm x 217cm - Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Dark Room (MEDIUM)


The Dark Room grow tent is designed for plants measuring 50cm to 150cm tall, with grow spaces of 2.25m2 to 9.00m2. It features DUCTING FLANGEs (DF25) for managing intake/exhaust and comes with everything you need to install the complete system. The grow tent comes in a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap. The configuration advice provided in terms of ventilation, lighting and extraction is specific to intensive Level III growing, for sun-loving plants. Divide these figures by 2 or by 4 for Level II and Level I growing.

Reference DR150

Weight 26,8kg

Dimensions 150cm x 150cm x 217cm

1 x Web Plant Support

1 x Water Tray Liner (Removable)

Ducting Flange 2 x Support Kit for poles Ø25mm


Cable Flange 2 x CABLE FLANGE Ø70mm

Handling 3 x HANDLING, supporting up to 25kg on a single bar and 75kg per tent.

Length : 150cm

Accessories included - 

1 x Pair STRAPITT - Straps for filter

1 x Pair HOOKIT - Hooks for lighting

20 x CABLEIT - Clips for cables and nets

1 x POCKETIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height

1 x PATCHIT - To repair your tent

Ventilation advised (not included)


Lighting advised Level III = 600W

Level II = 400W

More information here

Volume Tent 4.9m3

Extraction advised when filter on * 1 min cycle : Extraction 650m3/h - Intake : 50 %

2 min cycle : Extraction 350m3/h

* If no filter, decrease by 40% extraction needs

Raw materials Canvas Mylar

Poles Ø25mmx0,6mm #201 Stainless Steel

Corners Thick 7mm PolyPropylen

Removable Fibered Liner 380g/1m2 Bottom & Bag

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