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Secret Jardin - Dark Propagator - 60 X 40 X 60cm

Secret Jardin - Dark Propagator - 60 X 40 X 60cm

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Dark Propagator - 60 X 40 X 60cm - Grow Box - Secret Jardin

The Dark Propagator range of Secret Jardin Grow Tents are designed to house cuttings, mother or smaller plants through propagation and early veg.
Measuring just 60cm x 40cm for the base and 60cm in height. The DP60 offers growers with limited space a suitable propagation and vegging tent.
Perfectly suited to propagation and cuttings and houses between 70 and 300 plants (depending on size).
All Secret Jardin Dark Propagator tents are recommended for use with the Secret Jardin TLED range. This tent can hold 2 units.

Secret Jardin - Dark Propagator - 60X40X60cm Features include:
• Poles Ø16mm (Q195 Chrome Plated) - Corners 2.0mm/4.0mm (PolyPropylene)
• 100% Mylar Internally - 95% Reflectivity
• Completely Lightproof
• 10kg Hanging Capacity
• Easy installation
• Completely Washable
• Accessories included: 1x Pair StrapIT - Strap for filter, 1x Pair HookIT - Hooks for lighting, 15x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets.

We recommend installing a small extraction fan to all tents. This will help avoid heat and moisture build up.

Dimensions - 64.5 x 26.5 x 14 (LxWxH)

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