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Rhino - Pro Carbon Filters - RC412

Rhino - Pro Carbon Filters - RC412

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Rhino Pro - Carbon Filters - RC412

Rhino filters are machine filled with RC412 carbon, the 50mm bed is good for removing all grow room smells. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and budget.

Rhino Pro (World leading brand) – Previously Phat Filters.

• Made with 100% RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon.

• • Aluminium housing ensures a strong filter whilst keeping weight low.

• Coned internal base for optimum air flow.

• Removes volatile odour particles from your grow space.

• Unique “Anti Air Bypass” system.

• Connect with suitable ducting or directly to your fan with a “fast clamp”.

• 51% open area custom mesh for greater air flow and less resistance.

• Reasonable Life span.

• Each filter is supplied with a dust sleeve.

• Sealed, boxed and labelled directly after manufacture for optimum lifespan, handling and presentation

We recommend matching your filter to your fans capability to ensure the best results and life of your filter. If flow rates are too high for your filter, some smells could escape without being scrubbed. A ducting reducer can be used if a larger filter is required.

Moisture and heat will degrade the carbon and reduce the performance of your filters. Try to keep humidity below 60% and temperatures under 30 degrees.

Rhino Pro Filter Sizes:

• 100x300mm - 350m3/hr

• 125x300mm - 500m3/hr

• 150x300mm - 600m3/hr

• 150x600mm - 900m3/hr

• 200x400mm - 800m3/hr

• 200x600mm - 1125m3/hr

• 250x600mm - 1420m3/hr

• 250x1000mm - 1900m3/hr

• 315x600mm - 2440m3/hr

• 315x1000mm - 3250m3/hr

• 315x1200mm - 3600m3/hr

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