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Remo - Supercharged Kit

Remo - Supercharged Kit

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Remo Nutrients are made using only pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance.

Highly effective and suitable for use in hydroponic systems as well as soil and coco grows.

The SuperCharged Kit contains everything you need for a happy healthy grow and is available in either 500ml or 1L bottles.

Remo SuperChraged Kit Contains:

• 1 x Remo Grow

• 2 x Remo Bloom

• 2 x Remo Micro

• 1 x Remo Velokelp

• 1 x Remo Magnifical

• 1 x Remo Nature’s Candy

• 1 x Remo Astroflower

• 1 x Grow Room Glasses

• 1 x Measuring cup

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