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Prop Upz - Plant Support & Seedling Protectors - 6 Pack

Prop Upz - Plant Support & Seedling Protectors - 6 Pack

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Prop Upz – 6 Pack - Plant Support & Seedling Protectors

Prop Upz are a new and unique product designed specifically for supporting delicate seedlings.

On occasion, seedlings can become weak or tall if stretching for light, under these circumstances some form of support is needed. Prop Upz were developed from years of horticultural experience. Offering protection and support will transform your garden, helping to guard vulnerable seedlings from the very start of their life cycle.

Giving your plants the best start leads to a strong, thriving mature plant, which in turn, leads to great quality and larger yields. 

Protecting your seedlings ensures a greater success rate, stronger, quicker growth and generally larger yields.

Each pack of Prop Upz contains 6 seedling protectors.
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