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Proactive - Root Stimulator - 1L

Proactive - Root Stimulator - 1L

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Proactive - Root Stimulator - 1L

N:9.5 | P:3.9 | K:7.8

Root Stimulator

Cram packed with Amino & Humic Acids and the unique ACRECIACTIV™ Molecule

The proactive Root Stimulator Methodology...

This well balanced N-P-K fertiliser, containing amino acids, humic acids (200G/L) and the ACRECIACTIV™ Molecule, will dramatically stimulate the root development of your plants. ACRECIACTIV™ is a purified compound produced naturally by plants to resist environmental stresses.

The synergistic combination in proactive Root Stimulator of this molecule with pure L-amino acids and pure humic acids will encourage the root development of plants from early stages, and optimise their natural ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients. Proactive Root Stimulator improves plant vigour while limiting stressors such as drought, salinity, frost and other environmental stresses.

0.25ml to 1ml per litre
1 Ltr makes from 1000 Ltr to 4000 Ltr
250ml makes from 250 Ltr to 1000 Ltr


N - 9.5% | P205 - 3.9% | K20 - 7.8% ACRECIACTIV™

Storage Conditions
Keep away from frost

Available in 1 Litre bottles.

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