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Plant!t - Vermiculite

Plant!t - Vermiculite

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PLANT!T - Vermiculite - 10 or 100L

PLANT!T Vermiculite is perfect for water retention. It's a soft mica mineral with increased water retention and insulation properties. The product also delivers an increased cation exchange capacity. It gradually releases nutrients back to your crops, which it may have absorbed. The product reduces evaporation and promotes plant development during the propagation phase. It decreases plant stress in unfavourable climate conditions. It's safe and easy to use, lightweight, and odourless. 

General Information:

The product is perfect for propagation;
It's a soft mica mineral with high water retention and insulation properties;
It delivers a strong cation exchange capacity;
The product decreases evaporation. 

Plant!T - Vermiculite promotes strong crop development during the propagation phase & decreases plant stress. Safe, Lightweight, Odourless & easy to use.

The product has a high water retention capacity. It offers a high cation exchange capacity. The product releases nutrients, which may have been absorbed during watering, back to your plants.

Growers use PLANT!T Vermiculite during the propagation phase, as a potting compost, and for soil conditioning.

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