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Plant Pot Stand - Drainage / Flushing - 35cm

Plant Pot Stand - Drainage / Flushing - 35cm

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Plant Pot Stand - Drainage / Flushing - 35cm

Suitable for 25 and 35 Litres Square Pots and substrate mats of 30 x 30 cm.

The 35cm Pot Stand was developed to create distance between the substrate mats and pots and the cultivation on the floor or ground cover.
The open construction provides plenty of drainage. The high legs allow air and light to come under the bag or pot. Because the pot or mat has no direct contact with the ground, you reduce the chance of diseases. The Spacer has extra legs to prevent sagging and is suitable for years of use.

Manufacturer stated max. weight is 25kg.

35 x 35 cm
Colour - Black
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