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Plant Bends / Bendz - Training & Supporting Plants

Plant Bends / Bendz - Training & Supporting Plants

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Plant Bends / Bendz - 50 - Training or Supporting Plants - 50 or 100

Plant Bends are a very simple but effective product. Used to train or support your plants as required, gently bend the stem or branches of your plants so they grow how you want or are able to receive more light than if they grew naturally.

Best used in the vegetative stage, Plant Bends can be clipped to your plants stems or branches changing their growing direction. By using more than one you can manipulate the shape of your plant to provide maximum light penetration and increase flower development. After a couple of weeks they can be removed and the bend will remain.

Sturdy and reliable they can be re-used multiple times.

Benefits of using Plant Bends:

• Allows light to reach lower growth

• Create better airflow

• Gentle on your plants

• Best used in Vegetative stage

• Re-usable

• Sold in packs of 50

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