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Phresh Carbon Filters - Premium 4/8 Carbon - 2 Year Life

Phresh Carbon Filters - Premium 4/8 Carbon - 2 Year Life

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Phresh Carbon Filters - Premium 4/8 Carbon - Actual 2 Year Life!

If you're looking for the best filters available, look no further. Phresh Carbon filters are the only filter to use Pro – 4/8 Premium Grade Carbon, rather than 4/12, resulting in far better air scrubbing / odour elimination and much better life cycle = 24 months / 2 years!

As with all natural carbon sources, the quality can vary slightly from batch to batch. Unlike their competitors, Phresh only buy the premium 20% of any carbon produced, leaving the lower quality 80% for all other carbon filters.

An exclusive partnership with Australia’s most respected carbon grading lab allows for independent batch testing for every filter - Offering the purchaser complete piece of mind. Only the exact particle size required for the best airflow (Pro 4/8) is selected, any carbon that is too small, to dusty or does not meet our stringent Iodine and Butane test guidelines gets sent back to the common pile to be sold on to our competitors.

That’s why a 45mm bed of 4/8 carbon is more effective than a 50mm bed of 4/12. This results in better Airflow, odour elimination and a lower filter weight, without compromising effectiveness.

Phresh Extraction Filters:

• Guaranteed carbon analysis, enter batch code at:

• 2 x pre-filter / dust jackets with each filter, allowing for easy swapping and cleaning.

• Aluminium filter tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of other filters.

• Machine packed carbon equates to more carbon and less movement.

• Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow.

• Sealed, bagged, boxed and labelled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.

• 51% open air custom mesh.

• Unique "Anti Air Bypass" System.

• Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.

Phresh Carbon Filter Sizes and Capabilities:

4 Inch - 100mm x 150mm - 175m3/h

4 Inch - 100mm x 300mm - 350m3/h

5 Inch - 125mm x 300mm - 500m3/h

6 Inch - 150mm x 300mm - 600m3/h

6 Inch - 150mm x 600mm - 1000m3/h

8 Inch - 200mm x 600mm - 1200m3/h

10 Inch - 250mm x 600mm - 1500m3/h

10 Inch - 250mm x 1000mm - 2000m3/h

12 Inch - 315mm x 1000mm - 3250m3/h

12 Inch - 315mm x 1200mm - 3750m3/h

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