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Parlux Linx 600W Temperature Controlled Digital Ballast

Parlux Linx 600W Temperature Controlled Digital Ballast

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The Parlux Linx range has been created to optimize room temperatures and create the correct light output for the ideal grown environment. The Parlux 315W, 600W and 1000w DE lighting ballasts can be linked via the Parlux Master Controller (up to 80 ballasts per group) to automatically achieve the optimum temperature through auto dimming and raising the light output of each unit.

 The master controller can mix two different light outputs within the same growing are i.e. 600W ballast in Group A and 315W ballast in Group B. Any two of the three light output ballasts can be run together or independently.

 -Multi-Linkable digital ballast
-High PAR levels
-0.10v digital wattage adjustment
-Parlux Master Controller ready
-Soft start technology
-Compatible with 600w HPS or MH lamps
-Silent, compact and lightweight

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