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Orca - Liquid Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria

Orca - Liquid Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria

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Orca - Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria - 100ml, 473ml, 946ml or 3.78 Litres

Orca, from Plant Success, is a highly effective additive packed full of beneficial bacteria. Containing four types of endomycorrhizal fungi and 11 types of highly beneficial bacteria, this precise mix enables plants to use more nutrients as well as defending themselves from diseases. The result is healthy plant growth resulting in bigger plants and better yields.

These complex biological enhancers are suitable for use alongside any base nutrients, rooting compounds and boost products and in any media or hydroponic system.

Orca also helps prevent root diseases by creating an extremely healthy root system that is capable of fighting off infections.

Orca Features Include:

• A microbial supplement that can be used in any media or hydroponic system.

• Cultivates a complex culture of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

• 4 endomycorrhizal strains work to maximise nutrient uptake.

• 11 strains of beneficial bacteria defend your crop against diseases and pests.

• Simple to use and long lasting.

• Use at a rate of 0.25ml per litre of clean water every time your nutrient tank is changed or every 2 weeks in Soil or Coco.

• Suitable for use from seed all the way through to the end of week 4 of flower.

• Do not use with Liquid Oxygen

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