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Ona - Mist 170g - Spray Can - Odour Elimination

Ona - Mist 170g - Spray Can - Odour Elimination

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  • Odour neutraliser delivered as a pressurised fine mist.
  • Perfect for instantly neutralising odours.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Mist dispenser to deliver automated odour control.
  • A true odour neutraliser that isn’t just masking the smell.
  • Natural formula.

ONA Mist – Strong and fast odour control.

The ONA Mist can delivers a pressurised mist of odour neutraliser. Pushing the nozzle creates a fine mist in the air which neutralises unpleasant odours it comes into contact with. Derived from plants throughout the world and completely safe to use around people, pets and plants.


Use in Conjunction with ONA Mist Dispenser

The ONA Mist cans can be used with the ONA Mist dispenser, allowing fully automated odour control. Set it for night, day, or 24 hours – and it has three programmable spray intervals. Small and portable makes the mist dispenser an excellent device for controlling odours in small areas.

ONA Mist Scents:

ONA Mist is available in Apple Crumble, PRO, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal


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