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Nurture - Nutrient Amplifier

Nurture - Nutrient Amplifier

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Nurture Amplifier is a powerful combination of organic biostimulants, trace elements, auxins, cytokinins, amino's and vitamins just to name a few. The exact combination and measurements and ratio's of the recipe, make our product special. The recipe creates a powerful plant protection agent called "superoxide dismutase" a highly sought after enzyme that sponges free radicals and protects the chloroplast and membranes of the cell walls.

This is just one of the many benefits. Our product dramatically amplifies the uptake of any nutrient used in conjunction with it. Boasting a more robust root system with more lateral root mass with our added seaweed extract. The ingredients in this product condition the plant to deal with any stress as soon as it comes under attack, as well as raising the sugar content which will, in turn, help to Prevent Pest attacks and raises the quality and nutritional value of your crop.

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