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No Mercy Co2 Tablets - 60 or 150pcs

No Mercy Co2 Tablets - 60 or 150pcs

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No mercy CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Tablets, 60 or 150pcs - Much more productive than most!

An easy solution for a quicker and richer bloom.

The addition of No Mercy CO2 tablets to your grow is a small step with huge results. This pack of CO2 Tabs is easy to use and is suitable for any system or medium.

Growth stagnation of plants is often caused by a shortage of carbon dioxide; in badly aired spaces this shortage can be dramatic. With CO2 Tabs you can offer the carbon dioxide directly to the roots of your plants and significantly increase the speed of growth.

Only healthy plants will be able to effectively use this extra input.

The tabs release the CO2 and in doing so promote more healthy growth. Plants are capable of absorbing much more CO2 than is available to them naturally.

It is important to add CO2 during the "light on" period. Using CO2 shortly before or during a dark period doesn’t give any results! Plants will not absorb carbon dioxide during lights off.

Once established and healthy, your plants are ready to receive extra CO2. You can use 1 tablet per 100 liters of water in hydro systems. Simply add to the nutrient tank.

Overdosing is neither harmful nor useful. If you want to add the CO2 instantly, dissolve in a cup of water (gently crush the tablet to speed the process up) and mix it the with the water that is intended for the plants.

Apply twice weekly for optimal results, and preferably during the whole growing cycle of your plants.

If your nutrient tank hold less than 100 litres or you are hand watering a small number of plants, these tablets are best broken in half or into quarters.

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