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Mr Danks Special Boost Secret

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret

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Super easy to use and suitable for use in soil, coco and hydroponic applications.

Mr Danks is an additive unlike anything seen before. Designed as a full-lifecycle plant boost, it can be used for the cutting stage (in very dilute amounts) right through to mid / late flower.

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret is a tightly-guarded blend of L-amino acids and a proprietary silanol to provide fast-growing, nutritionally demanding plants with a highly available form of supplementary silicon.

Completely pH stable and naturally derived, Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret was originally developed as part of a research project to help commercial hydroponic farmers in Oman produce stronger crops (primarily cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and lettuce) so that they are able to withstand temperature extremes.

After proving invaluable to farmers in Oman over several growing seasons, with increased yields, better flavours and improved post-harvest storage, the formulation has since become a staple of commercial, high-value hydroponic farming across the Middle East. The original formulation has now been optimised and licensed for medicinal oil-producing crops and tested extensively in licensed production facilities in Colorado, USA.

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret - How to Use:

• Suitable for use with soil, coco or hydro.

• Designed to be fed to plants via the root system, Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret should ideally be used from the seedling or cutting stage and throughout veg and bloom.

• To see the full benefit, we recommend using Mr Danks Special Boost Secret as early in the propagation/cutting cycle as you can. Just make sure to reduce the dosage to suit plant needs.

• pH Stable

• Suitable for use with Mineral or Organic nutrients

• Do not use any other Silicon products alongside Mr Danks

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret - Benefits:

• Boosts Nutrient Uptake

• Increased Growth Rates

• Strengthens Cell Walls

• Turbocharges Bloom

• Increases Heat resistance

• Stronger Larger Plants

• Better stress resistance

• Less wilting in heat

• Heavier yields

• Improved quality

Insider tips or tricks:

• Do not exceed stated dose!

• Water culture and bubble bucket growers should use half stated dosages.

• Use with aeroponic cloning machines is highly recommended!

• If adding to a reservoir always agitate it with an air pump and air stone.

• Due to the inclusion of important hydrophobic amino acids, some sedimentation inside the bottle is perfectly normal. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

• The unique smell (sweaty socks and off-milk) of Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret is due to natural decarboxylation of certain amino acids included in the complex and is perfectly normal and extremely beneficial for plants.

Product Compatibility

Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret will not affect your nutrient solution pH, harm beneficial bacteria and fungi or raise EC levels noticeably. Compatible with all soil and hydroponic nutrient programmes. Do not use with other silicon / silicate or L-amino products.

Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

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