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Mojocow - PS1 - Propagation System 1

Mojocow - PS1 - Propagation System 1

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Mojocow - PS1 Propagation System 1

The PS1 T5HO lighting kit provides you the flexibility to build your own T5 grow light system that meets your needs. The click & lock spine allows you to configure up to 4x24w lighting systems in different light colour combinations of your own choice.

Purple light is made especially for plants growth at all stages. The light mainly contains blue and red. An excellent choice of indoor grow light for all kinds of plants.

Use white for veg and propagation

Use purple for supplement lighting through your full cycle


Propagator lid mounting - Use tube clips and sucker stands. The alternative is using nylon bolts and nuts to attach the lights on the lid of the propagator.

Adjustable lighting - This allows you to suspend your light system above your plants and be able to adjust the lighting system as the plants grow.

Surface mounting - Surface mounting clips are provided that allow you to mount the lights on any surface. A perfect choice for confined areas.

Supplemental lights - Large flowering plants with benefit from vertically hung lighting placed between the plants, particularly at the lower levels.

Box includes:

5HO 24w electronic ballast with built-in reflectors x 2

T5HO 24w Purple fluorescent tube x 2

Nano reflective film x 2

1 set of click & lock spine

3 pins 2m long power cable with UK plug

3 pins 30cm long connection cable x 2

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