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Maxstim - Bio Stimulant

Maxstim - Bio Stimulant

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Maxstim for Hydroponics is a liquid bio stimulant which can be incorporated into your existing hydroponics system or applied directly to the substrate. Plants treated with Maxstim for Hydroponics have bigger roots, plants grow faster with more leaves and they produce a significant increase in yield.

Maxstim Benefits Include:

• Speeds up emergence

• Increases root development

• Accelerates growth

• Higher resilience to disease, pests and stress

For optimum results apply Maxstim to the plant as early in the lifecycle as possible. Maxstim is a unique blend of extracts developed to enhance key metabolic processes, stimulating growth and helps generate healthy plants.

Maxstim bio stimulants will positively influence several fundamental processes such as germination, photosynthesis, metabolism, nucleic acid synthesis and ion uptake. Maxstim achieves this with their unique blend of carbohydrates, trace elements, enzymes, plant hormones, amino acids, seaweed extracts and other natural plant extracts.

Providing a plant with these balanced ingredients enables your plants to concentrate on other tasks, ending with bigger, healthier plants that are more stress and pest resistant.

Use Maxstim on your crops to see:

• Better establishment and early development of crops

• Roots that quickly develop more mass and depth

• Plants that grow bigger faster

• Generating higher and better quality yields

• Boosting the plant’s resistance to and recovery from disease, pests and stress

• Often a reduction in other inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides and other inputs

• With no harm to humans, wildlife or the environment

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