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MaxiBright - DigiLight Pro Ballast 600W Adjustable

MaxiBright - DigiLight Pro Ballast 600W Adjustable

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Digilight Pro 600w Digital Ballast or Complete Kit

The Digilight Pro Digital Ballast from Maxibright is an extremely reliable, safe product with exceptional features and results.

This 600w unit can run a 600w bulb on six different power settings; 250w, 275w, 400w, 440w, 600w or 660w each selectable via a dial on the end of the ballast. It also has the capability of running a 250w lamp at either 250w or 275w, taking advantage of the Digilight Pro's super lumen settings.

Designed for the professional grower but simple enough for a novice to use, the Digi Pro offers complete manageability of your lamp output at each stage of the growing cycle, this is important to achieve the maximum from your plants.

3 year guarantee.
6 power modes.
Cool/near silent running.
End of bulb life detection and shut off circuit.
IEC connector.
LED status indicator lights.
Low start up/lamp saving current.
RF shielded.
Runs both sodium and metal halide bulbs.
Super lumen setting.

This Ballast is also offered in Kit form with a 600w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp and Euro Reflector

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