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Maxibright - 600W CMH Agro 3K

Maxibright - 600W CMH Agro 3K

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Maxibright - 600w Ceramic Metal Halide - Agro 3k Lamp

More flower, less power

Full spectrum, intense output 600W CMH lamps.

Ready to integrate into your existing digital or magnetic 600W lighting kit, with a familiar E40 fitting, DAYLIGHT 600W 3K lamps bring the power of full spectrum growing right to your finger-tips, With an efficiency of 1.6 µmol/J and an enhanced full spectrum output, there is literally no easier way to increase quality or improve plant structure, yield & terpenes.

Features - Intense output with an enhanced, full spectrum: 90% CRI. A total PPF of 960 µmol/s, giving a lamp efficiency of 1.6 µmol/J.

Benefits - Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced red for optimal flowering.

  • Improves plant morphology. Enhances shape and structure for a higher quality yield

  • Excellent for both standalone and supplemental lighting.

  • Increases production of essential oils, flavenoids and terpenes.

  • Preferential internode structure; Increases number of flowering sites.

  • DAYLIGHT 600W 3K lamp – encourages exceptional generative production.

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