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MaxiBright - 315W CMH - Daylight 4K

MaxiBright - 315W CMH - Daylight 4K

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MaxiBright - 315W CMH - Daylight 4K

Ceramic Metal Halide chemistry for enhanced plant lighting.

Key Features:
- Prevents stretching & encourages much higher quality growth.
- Plants produce more essential oils, terpenes & flavonoids, to enhance flavour, aroma & size.
- More natural formation of branch inter-nodes for increased plant mass.
- Daylight lamp is great for vegetative stage.
- Ideal as both supplementary & stand alone lighting.

Designed for the MaxiBright Daylight 315W Power Pack.

- More flower, Less Power.
- 96 CRI (Sunlight = 100 CRI).
- High efficiency 1.92 µmols-¹W-¹.
- Significantly increased plant mass compared to HPS.
- Significantly higher yield per watt compared to HPS.
- Improves aroma and flavours.
- Helps ripen and increase oil production.

MaxiBright products are intended for horticultural use only and not for general lighting.

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