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Mammoth P - Organic Microbes - Increase Phosphorus Uptake

Mammoth P - Organic Microbes - Increase Phosphorus Uptake

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Mammoth P - Organic Microbes - Increase Phosphorus Uptake - Bigger Plants

MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize all stages of growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health.

16% Increased Yield, 6% Increase Stem Strength.

University Developed

Developed by Growcentia’s founders at a leading US university using next-generation technology. Extensively tested by Colorado growers, and proven to increase growth by independent labs.

Beneficial Bacteria

Our beneficial bacteria act like micro bioreactors, continually producing enzymes that release nutrients. Reduces the need for a separate enzyme additive.

More Phosphorus

Increased levels of phosphorus keep internodes shorter and focuses energy on bud production.

Safe For All Media

Safe for use in soil, soil-less, and hydroponic systems.

Protects Rhizosphere

Shields the plant rhizosphere by out competing potentially harmful pathogenic microbes.

Fully Compatible

Use as a supplement to any fertilizer program.

Lab Tests

MAMMOTH P was developed by Growcentia’s founders at Colorado State University using next-generation technology. MAMMOTH P has been tested extensively by Colorado growers and independent labs have proven that it increases growth. All production is done at our facility in Fort Collins Colorado to maintain the highest level of quality control. This beneficial bacterial formula works great in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems. Using MAMMOTH P in hydroponic systems is an excellent way to introduce the organic benefits of soil microbial nutrient cycling without sacrificing water quality. MAMMOTH P was engineered to supplement any fertilizer program.

Out-Growing the Competition

MAMMOTH P is differentiated from competitors’ products in several ways


Our development platform focuses on nutrient cycling processes to release soil P and micronutrients from bound forms, thus improving nutrient availability to plants.


Our high-throughput platform allows us to select soil microorganisms at the community level in hydroponic environments – which enables these bacteria to work equally well in soil, soilless, and recirculating hydroponic systems.


Our directed microbial phenotyping platform – coupled with cutting-edge high-throughput molecular techniques – is highly effective. Many competitor products use a non-directed approach by simply mixing microbes, which results in a microbial concoction of unknown provenance or functionality.

MAMMOTH P vs. The Competition

Our bacteria act as micro-bioreactors, constantly producing a more diverse suite of enzymes that enhance nutrient availability than the leading enzyme-specific products.

What Growers are Saying

I am absolutely loving Mammoth P and plan on using it from now on. The first time I used Mammoth P, my plants exploded with growth!

Growing great! Noticeable increase in flower density.

We are seeing great results with your product thus far in our run. We have definitely seen a boost in uptake of P and definite increase in flower size. We are also able to see a large increase in specific microbial activity. This product has proven to be a very valuable tool and a perfect fit for a high-energy, high-production organic farm, as well as an easy add-on to a synthetic regimen.

Effective in All Media - Soil to Hydro to Coco


MAMMOTH P contains microbes that occur naturally in soil bacteria, making it extremely effective. The beneficial bacteria in MAMMOTH P are able to naturally cycle more phosphorus and other micro-nutrients in the plant-root system, thus enhancing release of the nutrients for plant uptake.

How we did it:

We grew hundreds of different microbial communities from natural soils collected across the USA. Using our next generation phenotyping platform, we selectively bred microbes at the community level for their ability to cycle phosphorus. After propagating thousands of successive generations, a climax community was reached which was capable of cycling phosphorus at over 30x higher levels than we observed from microbes in natural soils.


MAMMOTH P is effective in hydroponic systems due to the careful selection and cultivation of microbes that thrive in a hydro environment.

How we did it:

We selectively bred the soil microbial communities for their ability to cycle phosphorus using deep well microplates which mimicked hydroponic reservoirs (i.e. aqueous solutions with concentrated nutrients). A climax microbial community was realized after propagating thousands of generations which could cycle phosphorus over 30x higher levels and thrive in an aqueous, high nutrient, hydroponic environment.

Super Soil

MAMMOTH P primarily helps mobilize mineral and organic phosphates to promote healthy plant growth and improve plant yield. These microbes are very effective at mineralizing slow release fertilizers found in many ‘all in one’ water only soils, such as super soil and recycled soils. Because we selectively bred this microbial community to actively cycle nutrients at up to 30x greater levels than how they functioned in nature, in some cases these microbes may be too powerful to use across the entire bloom growth stage. We encourage you to use MAMMOTH P sparingly until you have more experience using the product in your super soil system.

Application Chart

GROWTH PHASE (18 – 24 hour photo-period)


1 Seedling/clone 0.16 0.16

2 Seedling/clone 0.16 0.16

3 Growth 0.16 0.16

4 Growth 0.16 0.16

5 Aggressive Growth 0.26 0.16

6 Aggressive Growth 0.26 0.16

BLOOM PHASE (12 hour photo-period)


1 Transition 0.4 0.16

2 Bloom 0.4 0.16

3 Bloom 0.66 0.16

4 Aggressive Bloom 0.66 0.16

5 Aggressive Bloom 0.66 0.16

6 Aggressive Bloom 1.06 0.16

7 Aggressive Bloom 1.06 0.16

8 Flush 0.26 0.16

9 Flush 0.26 0.16

Directions for use

1. Shake bottle well before each use.

2. Mix with water following the application rate table.


MAMMOTH P is specifically designed to increase phosphorus availability during the bloom phase, and should be used as a supplement to your regular fertilization program. Application during clone and vegetative phase will boost effectiveness. MAMMOTH P has a near neutral pH formulation and runs clean in any system.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Soil amending nonplant food ingredients:

Bacteria Culture 1%

Alfalfa Extract 2%

Inactive/Water 97%

Also contains nonplant food ingredients - CFU/mL:

Pseudomonas putida 20,000,000

Comamonas testosteroni 40,000,000

Citrobacter freundii 60,000,000

Enterobacter cloacae 80,000,000

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