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Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast or kit

Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast or kit

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Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast or Kit

Lumatek - More power, more lumens more blooms.

Lumatek are the world's leading supplier of Electronic Ballasts to the horticultural market.

Tests have shown that Lumatek Digital Ballasts are up to 30% brighter than some old style magnetic ballasts and much more efficient, turning your electricity into more light.

Used by companies and individuals in the know, the Lumatek range are the most proven products in the market. The addition of 5 years of cover makes the decision even easier (3 years full and two years pro-rated)

Lumatek 600w 400v Pro Ballast and Lamp

The 400V lamps are superior to the 240V lamps traditionally used in the hobby hydroponics and indoor garden markets due to their increased efficiency and greater PAR spectrum output. The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 has been specifically designed to help the hobby-grower access the benefits of using these electronics.

Capable of running 240v and 400v lamps, the ballast is clever enough to work out which lamp is being used and lights it accordingly. A Lumatek 600w 400V Lamp is supplied with the ballast.

Dimming Range (W): 400W - 400SL - 600W - 600SL (SL "Super Lumen" = 10% boost)

Mains Supply Voltage: 240V 50Hz

Input Current(A): 2.7

Input Power (W): 630

Lumatek ballasts boast:

• Stable light output

• Fast start-up. Reaching full brightness in under one minute.

• Completely silent

• Small compact design

• Produce less heat

• Cut-off circuitry. Lumatek E-Ballasts cut off when a short is detected.

• Longer bulb life

• Fully interchangeable. Capable of lighting both HPS and MH bulbs

Available options -
- Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast only.
Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast & 600W HPS 400V Lamp.
- Lumatek 600w Pro 400v Ballast, 600W HPS 400V Lamp & Standard Euro Reflector.

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