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Liquid Lime - 2.5kg

Liquid Lime - 2.5kg

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Extremely Effective Lime.

Liquid Lime is an easy to use and extremely effective lime. The Lime particles that make up Liquid Lime are 300 times smaller than the conventional powder limes.
The small size of the particles provides for a large total contact surface. Because of this, the reactivity of Liquid Lime is higher the the conventional limes. This means that Liquid Lime acts faster and heavier, adjusting the acidity of the soil within a couple of days (whereas conventional limes take up to a month to react completely).

Because of the small particle size, Liquid Lime is best applied when mixed with water. The mixing and subsequent pouring of the Lime provides an ideal distribution over the soil. With 5kg of Liquid Lime, one can make at least 15 Litres of the ready-to-use formula. This is enough to make the pH-Level of a standard soil increase with one point, when applying on 20 square metres of soil.

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