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LightHouse - Wireless Thermostat - Heating & Cooling Control

LightHouse - Wireless Thermostat - Heating & Cooling Control

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Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat - Heating/Cooling Control

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is a remote temperature controller that can be used with heating or cooling equipment.

For best results, we recommend placing the control unit in the grow room at canopy height, this will give you a good idea of the environmental conditions your plants are experiencing.

Connect a heater to the plug in socket and set the temperature. The controller will turn the heater on and off depending on your chosen setting and the ambient temperature.

The thermostat is battery operated and indicates when new batteries are required.

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat can also be used to run cooling equipment too. Plug in a fan or cooling device and change the settings to cool.

Do Not Exceed 13A or 3000W

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