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Jiffy-7 Propagation Pellets - 41mm

Jiffy-7 Propagation Pellets - 41mm

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Jiffy-7 – The Original

Many professional propagators may be familiar with the Jiffy-7 pellet. The Jiffy-7 has a long track-record and is currently available in a wide variety of sizes, tray configurations and media choices to fit all growers’ needs.

  • Stronger roots
  • Food safe
  • Sustainable

If you are looking for a clean and cost-effective propagation solution which is well-suited to almost any crop, and is configured with most existing automation systems, then the Jiffy-7 is the best solution.

Just soak them in water and watch them grow. Once fully expanded, which takes a minute or so, they are ready to be used.

These pellets offer a brilliant environment for young seedlings and cuttings. Developing the right balance of air and moisture, they really make it hard for you to get it wrong.

Encompassed in a fine mesh, this allows for optimal root development, root penetration and at the same time provides adequate support to the root ball and ease of transplant.

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