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IWS OxyPot XL - 1-3 Plants - DWC System - 70L

IWS OxyPot XL - 1-3 Plants - DWC System - 70L

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IWS OxyPot XL - 1-3 Plants - DWC System - 70 Litre - Simple to use well!

The IWS OxyPot XL plant bubblers are one of the biggest selling items we stock. A revelation in growing systems, due to their low cost, simplicity of use and professional plant growing performance.

Capable of supporting 1, 2 or 3 plants, the OxyPot XL will support 1 large plants or 2 big plants.

Each IWS OxyPot XL comes with a strong rectangular base tank, tank lid, 2 x heavy duty net pot, level indicator, easy top up cap, pump, air line and 2 x airstones. There are also blanking discs to cover the holes not in use.

This latest version of the IWS OxyPot takes the classic design to another level, replacing the standard round bucket with a more sturdy square unit. This allows for a more secure sealing gland connection and also allows for more systems in the same growing space.

By moving from a soil or coco based system to the OxyPot, you'll be impressed by the speed of growth and overall yield your plants will be able to produce.

You'll need to add suitable nutrients, growing medium (clay pebbles) and some pH and EC control.

The volume of the IWS OxyPot XL is when filled is 70 litres.

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