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IceLine Irrigation Piping - Reduces Nutrient Temperatures - Various Sizes

IceLine Irrigation Piping - Reduces Nutrient Temperatures - Various Sizes

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IceLine Irrigation Piping - Reduces Nutrient Temperatures - Various Diameters

A simple but effective solution to reduce nutrient temperatures.

We all know that black attracts and absorbs heat. Iceline is a UK made double walled pipe that is white on the outside and black in the middle. This small change helps prevent nutrient temperatures from rising as they would with standard black irrigation pipe.

Iceline works by having a white outer layer which reflects the heat away from your nutrient in the pipe and the black inner protects from UV rays. Iceline is an excellent product and when used will give great result in regulating nutrient temperature in the pipe.

Suitable for any and all systems. Wherever irrigation pipe is used within a grow space it can't help but absorb heat. Most people don't realise nutrient solution sits in pipes when they are not in use, as it does so it rises in temperature, this causes higher risk of damaging plants, increased possibility of Pythium / Root Rot and decreased oxygen levels.

In testing Iceline has proven to drop temperatures by between 3 and 8 degrees Celsius, compared to standard pipe.

Available in 4 sizes:

4mm Internal diameter - 8mm External diameter

13mm Internal diameter - 19mm External diameter

19mm Internal diameter - 25mm External diameter

25mm Internal diameter - 31mm External diameter

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