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Hygrozyme - Natural Enzymes for Plants and Media - 500ml, 1L or 4 Litres.

Hygrozyme is an effective additive which enable plants to grow bigger whilst remaining healthy. Consisting of natural enzymes, Hygrozyme breaks down old / dead roots into food for your plants while creating space for new healthy roots to grow.

Completely unique, Hygrozyme is often copied but never equaled. Manufactured using a fermentation process that results in a bacteria free product consisting purely of enzymes and amino-acids.

Use throughout the full growing cycle to see complete benefits. Hygrozyme contains no living organisms and is suitable for use alongside any base nutrients, rooting compounds, fertilisers and can be used in soil, coco, rockwool and hydroponics systems.

Hygrozyme Features include:

• Unique manufacturing process ensures the best quality product every time

• Breaks down old roots into food for your plants

• Creates space for new root-growth

• Long shelf life

• Made from natural ingredients

• Can be used with peroxide products (in small quantities)

• Also used to prepare growing mediums for re-use

Alhough Hygrozyme is not certified organic, it consists of natural ingredients and can be used very effectively as part of an organic feeding schedule.

Hygrozyme is recommended for dilution at a rate of 2ml/litre. Adjust pH as necessary.

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