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HY-GEN - BudLink - Plant Silica - Stronger, Bigger Plants

HY-GEN - BudLink - Plant Silica - Stronger, Bigger Plants

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HY-GEN BudLink - Plant Silica - Bigger, Stronger Plants

BudLink, from HY-GEN, is an amazing silica based product. BudLink has been running strong for over 15 years, Hy-Gen have mastered a part C silica product for strong and healthy plant growth.

Silica is an important element for achieving ultimate growth. using BudLink gives your plants the potential to be 10x stronger, more resistant to environmental fluctuations, disease, pests and stresses.

Silica puts a waterproof layer around the epidermal cells of the plant therefore giving your plants a backup supply of water if they happen to not have enough water to transpire properly. Silica increases weight and bulk of fruits and flowers due to improving cell structure and integrity, have no more snapping branches and losing fruits before harvest! Silica will be sure to strengthen your plants branches holding up for a heavy harvest.

You will notice leaf size and stems increase in size just by adding a few doses of BudLink over a few days, thus increasing photosynthesis rates due to bigger leaf size grabbing more photons of light, and faster transportation of minerals due to increased stem thickness.

HY-GEN Budlink Features:

• Stronger, larger plants

• Prevents pathogens.

• Helps plans cope with environmental stresses.

• Helps with uptake of nutrients.

• Greener foliage.

• Increases harvest.

• Essential for strengthened cells

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