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House & Garden - Amino Treatment

House & Garden - Amino Treatment

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House & Garden – Amino Treatment truly is one of our most powerful, well-rounded additives. From roots to fruits, House & Garden – Amino Treatment allows your plants to operate at their maximum ability, contributing to improvements in vegetative growth and flower formation. Amino Treatment contains a unique soy protein hydrolysate packed with important amino acids – no other product on the market has tapped into this cutting-edge research in plant biochemistry. Amino acids improve mineral absorption by plants, and contributes to overall plant vigor.

The product consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles which are much smaller than those which you would find in other silicon products. It contains monosilicic acid, a super bio-available form of silicon that your plants will begin using immediately.

Amino Treatment results in increased nutrient distribution in the leaves, a higher rate of photosynthesis, stronger stalks, increased root activity, higher quality fruit production and a higher sugar content in the fruit. Results can be seen very quickly after usage! Use Amino Treatment for profuse growth and flowering. Amino Treatment works beautifully in hydroponic, coco, soil applications, indoor or outdoor gardens!

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