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House & Garden - Top Shooter

House & Garden - Top Shooter

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House & Garden – Top Shooter provides plants with the high-quality potassium and phosphate required for an exceptional finish to the flowering cycle. Top Shooter provides crucial nutrient pre-cursors for a plant’s biological processes, including ATP-synthesis, giving your plants the power to build flower growth right when they need it. The nutrients provided in Top Shooter boost the production of leaf and flower growth, vigor and yield. They also provide the nutritional building blocks for other biological processes in a plant. Top Shooter is essential for a top-shelf finish, providing plants with improved growth, vigor and yields. Clean, strong, and stable, Top Shooter works perfectly in all growth media.

House & Garden – Top Shooter contains a proprietary carbonate form of phosphorus and potassium, that makes it both far more pH stable and bio-available than other yield enhancers. Top Shooter is the market leader in enhancing yields.

House and Garden Top Booster is available in 250ml, 500ml &, 1 Litre bottles.
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