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House & Garden - Top Booster

House & Garden - Top Booster

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Using premium phosphorus and potassium to support the plant in the final stage of reproductive growth, House & Garden – Top Booster is an innovative product that provides available and soluble nutrients to enhance floral production. Top Booster’s nutrients support key plant processes required for adapting to a changing light environment, when upward growth has stopped, and all energy and nutrients are directed to the flowering sites. With this floral nutrient supplement to reinforce the flowering process, the plant will be able to support vigorous flower growth and achieve higher quality yields. This sets the stage for products like Shooting Powder/Top Shooter and Bud-XL to maximise the yield of your high quality flowers.

House & Garden Nutrients Top Booster is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator. Top Booster acts on the basis of PK13-14 but with the added benefits of Eddha-Fe (iron). The basis of all flowering boosters is a blend of pure potassium and phosphorus.

House and Garden Top Booster is available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre bottles.

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