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House & Garden - Shooting Powder - PK Boost - 5 x 65g Sachets

House & Garden - Shooting Powder - PK Boost - 5 x 65g Sachets

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House & Garden – Shooting Powder provides crucial nutrient pre-cursors for ATP-synthesis, giving your plants the power to increase flower yield right when they need it. The nutrients provided in Shooting Powder boost the production of key biological processes in the plant. Shooting Powder is essential for a top quality finish, providing plants with readily available and soluble nutrients for faster growth, enhanced vigor, and higher yields. Clean, strong, and stable, Shooting Powder works perfectly in all growth media.

House & Garden – Shooting Powder and top shooter are very similar products. Shooting powder is in powdered form and Top Shooter is in liquid form. Users should choose only one, depending on their preferences and reservoir size.

This is one box containing 5 x 65g Sachets of Shooting Powder

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