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House & Garden - Multi Zyme

House & Garden - Multi Zyme

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House & Garden – Multi Zyme is an extremely beneficial additive to incorporate into your arsenal. One of the most concentrated growth promoting products on the market, Multi Zyme boosts overall plant vigor by providing readily available nutrients that the plant can absorb – but that’s just one of its many benefits. The readily available nutrients included in each bottle of House & Garden – Multi Zyme help by boosting the rate of nutrient uptake and ensuring you’re getting every benefit from the soluble and available nutrients you are feeding your plants.

Multi Zyme is designed for use in soil, hydroponics and coco applications. Ultra-soluble for ease of use!

House & Garden Multi Zen is a complex range of useful enzymes. These enzymes are very important for the plants to metabolically exchange plant sugars. Enzymes are small catalysts that trigger these processes and keep them in tune with the plant’s growth rate. It also has enzymes that promote flowering sites and soil conditioning.

House and Garden Multi Zyme is available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre bottles.

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