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HighPro - Hygrothermo Premium - Thermometer/Hygrometer

HighPro - Hygrothermo Premium - Thermometer/Hygrometer

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Hygrothermo Premium - Garden Highpro

This indoor thermo/hygrometer has a large LCD display allowing for a quick and clean reading of climate data. The thermo /hygrometer is able to record maximum and minimum temperature and humidity values every day.

The digital display is divided into three parts:

Temperature in

Temperature out


Depending on your choice, it can announce the temperature in degrees Celsius from 0° to 50°C or Fahrenheit from 32°F to 122°F. It will also tell you the maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperatures. It is equipped with a temperature probe from 1.5 metres.


Accuracy: ± 1°C – RH ± 5%.

Interior hygro: 25% – RH at 90%

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