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Hesi -TNT Complex

Hesi -TNT Complex

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Hesi TNT - Complete Nutrient for explosive growth and development of plants

TNT Complex is another first class product from the trustworthy brains at Hesi.

An explosive growth enhancer from Hesi that ensures optimum root health and vegetative growth at all times.

Hesi TNT works by breaking down dead root matter in both soil and hydroponic systems that can build up over time and lead to a reduction of the absorption of nutrients. It is especially useful in the early stages to encourage healthy root growth.

TNT Complex is a very powerful growth supplement, which is easy to use and gentle on plants.

Made with the finest ingredients to ensure optimal uptake. The nitrogen that is used is 100% organic. Organic nitrogen compounds have no EC value because they are not salts, but they do contain a high percentage of nitrogen. Therefore young plants are loaded with a minimum of salts, which creates ideal growing conditions. TNT Complex has a low EC value, but its degree of effectiveness is very high.

TNT Complex also contains all the necessary nutrients, enriched with many vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant active sugars) which guarantee successful growth.

Plants that are treated with TNT Complex develop a large number of flowering sites and become strong and powerful with a healthy green appearance.

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