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Hesi - Root Complex - Root Stimulator & Growth Enhancer

Hesi - Root Complex - Root Stimulator & Growth Enhancer

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Hesi Root Complex - Root Stimulator and Growth Enhancer

Hesi Root Complex is the ideal plant starter for healthy roots, added stress and pest resistance and a conditioner for any plant medium.

Regular use of Hesi Root Complex will improve the absorption of essential nutrients as well as activating friendly bacteria production.

Suitable for use at any stage, Hesi Root complex improves plant healthy, encourages lush green growth, promotes a thicker stem, branches and leaves and creates an explosive root system.

Hesi Root Complex is perfect for cuttings or clones, young plants, mother plants or any plant that's been effected by stress.

Root Complex from Hesi is a carefully balanced combination of trace elements with vital nutrients. Using this ensures your plants have access to vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes that provide everything your plant needs for healthy growth.

In addition, Root Complex ensures a thicker stem and a strong root system. Recommended for use after repotting or other stressful circumstances.

Add some Hesi Root Complex to the mother plant a few days before the clones are cut, this will ensure that the new plants will already have all the required substances for taking root rapidly.

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