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Hesi - PowerZyme - Growing Media Enzyme

Hesi - PowerZyme - Growing Media Enzyme

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Hesi PowerZyme - Growing Media Enzyme - Turns old roots into plant food

Hesi Powerzyme is another first class growth promoter from Hesi that ensures optimum root health at all times.

PowerZyme works by breaking down dead root matter in soil, coco and hydroponic systems that can build up over time and lead to a reduction of the absorption of nutrients.

It is especially useful in the early stages to encourage healthy root growth and give your plants the best start.

What are enzymes? Enzymes are protein molecules, which enhance the plants metabolism. Dead roots are turned into natural sugars which can be used directly by the plant or the microbes in the media.

If you are reusing soil or coco then Hesi PowerZyme is a must. Best used through the complete life cycle to ensure healthy roots and growth.

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